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I have been seeing Sharon for almost a year both as an osteopath and a pilates teacher.
The pilates classes are small and each person gets individual attention from Sharon, making sure that everyone is carrying out the exercises correctly.   The classes take place in a friendly, calm and welcoming atmosphere.  You do have to concentrate and work hard but it is an hour that goes so quickly that you don’t always realise how hard you have worked.     Despite the concentration and effort the classes need there is till also time for a little light banter.    

As an osteopath,  the treatment I have received has always been excellent and my very painful back gets eased into place so that I leave the clinic feeling that I can get on with my everyday activities without any pain.   I can honestly say that I always feel 100% better when I come away from Sharon’s clinic.  

Sharon is a great motivator, enthusiastic and clearly loves what she does.  As you can see I really cannot thank her for all the work she has done to help me  and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Wendy

Since attending Sharon's Pilates class I feel stronger and fitter. Pilates is a great way to keep in shape when aerobic exercise is not an option. I've been to several different Pilates classes over the years but Sharon's is the best. I always leave feeling so much better for it. Diane 

Thank you so much for treating me and J. You made us both feel at ease and were very patient with us. The treatment has made a huge difference and I would have no hesitation in recommending you. L & J

I have had numerous Osteopath treatment for lower back and neck pain which I really have benefited from.   I would definitely recommend for anyone consider Osteopathic treatment.
Sharon also teaches Pilates classes which are great and relaxing.  Theses classes are great for all ages. Since I have had treatment and attended Pilates classes,  I have really benefited and noticed the pain in my neck and back decrease. SH

I had been looking for an exercise class which could fit in with my family commitments and found the ideal one on my doorstep. As someone who has always been involved with sports and fitness, Pilates was not a form of exercise that I was familiar with. At first, it seemed strange not to be leaping about and I was not sure if it was for me.
It soon became obvious that it was exactly what I needed. Sharon is an excellent teacher. She produces an extremely calm learning environment, in which each participant can develop. Every exercise can be adapted to the fitness level of the beginner or more advanced student. The classes are small in number, which allows Sharon to give individual attention.
At the end of the session,even though it may have been challenging learning a new skill or increasing the level of exercise, I leave feeling incredibly calm. Luckily for me, I am able to attend two of Sharon's classes at either end of the week, Monday and Friday.
The classes are friendly and you will soon feel at ease.

I wholeheartedly agree with the other comments made about Sharon’s Pilates classes.
I have had intermittent back and neck pain for a number of years, mostly due to not being careful about how I lifted and twisted when younger (yes Mum you were right) and have resorted to using chiropractors and acupuncturists when the pain became really troublesome. The chiropractor eventually suggested that I might benefit from Pilates exercises – and how right she was.  Sharon’s classes have made a real difference, and my back and neck pain is a thing of the past.  Sharon runs the classes in a relaxed and easy going way but with great commitment. No-one feels they have to keep up and no-one feels at all uncomfortable if they can’t manage some of the exercises. Sharon will always quietly suggest an alternative which you can manage to do. Above all, because of Sharon’s training as an osteopath, and her watchful vigilance that you are using the right muscles in an exercise, you can feel confident that you are getting the best from the sessions and your core strength and joint mobility are slowly but surely being improved.     
So for me - Sharon’s classes are a must, but  unlike other classes I have been to where  the  hands of the clock  seem to move  very slowly,  in  Sharon’s  sessions,  time  flies by and I find I haven’t given a thought to what else needs to be done that day.

I would like to thank you for the treatment you recently gave to me.
Having suffered for some time and been treated by a number of medical
practitioners unsuccessfully it was a joy to find a competent and
professional person who could not only diagnose my medical problem but
also having the skills and professional ability to treat my condition.
I would highly recommend your skills and professionalism to anyone
having continual or undiagnosed medical problems for which osteopathy
would treat. Thank you for making my body function properly again.



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