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What happens in a 1-2-1 Pilates  Session
During your first private Pilates lessons, we start with an initial postural assessment and chat about what you are looking for from Pilates. If you have pain or a musculoskeletal problem, this may  be an osteopathic assessment whereby we would look deeper into the current problem whilst considering your  medical history. We may then decide some osteopathic treatment is necessary before or alongside exercise.
The next step is to develop a personalised exercise program for you designed with your physical needs, abilities and goals in mind. The first session lasts for 1 hour, following sessions are for 45 minutes. The cost is £45 for the first session and £35 for any further sessions. On average people have 4 - 6 sessions initially, with the option to return for updates and changes when appropriate.
After the first session, you will have access to your program online. where you can view videos of the exercises plus print out written instructions. If you do not have online access, I can provide printed copies for you. These will be updated after each session. 
What is Pilates and how can it help me?
Pilates is a gentle form of exercise for the whole body, performed slowly working with the breath.
It is suitable for a wide variety of people as the exercises can be modified for different people.
Pilates is not a 'no pain no gain' form of exercise, you should be comfortable throughout your routine.
All the Pilates I teach is mat based and is performed in standing, sitting and lying down positions.

Benefits of Pilates 
The exercises are designed to helping you to stretch, strengthen and improve muscle balance and tone.
Improved posture, balance and flexibility is the benefit commented on the most by my pupils.
Pilates promotes a stronger more supportive core.
Pilates is often relaxing, a window of time in the day for you.
My Pilates Journey
During my osteopathic training, I wanted a skill to help me earn a little extra money. Many of my fellow students chose sports massage but I decided to train as a Pilates teacher: and what a great decision that has turned out to be. For me, Pilates has fitted like a glove with my work as an osteopath. Now I teach up to 9 Pilates classes a week, teach it on a 1-2-1 basis and find it very useful in helping many of my patients as exercise prescription. I have always enjoyed teaching, having started by teaching people to ride horses. Now  I am passionate about teaching Pilates, I have experienced the benefits myself and have seen them in so many of my pupils and patients.
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